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Please join us for our wedding celebration on July 24, 2017

Our Story

It all began with a post of an empty plate that Cassi had laid on Thanksgiving for soldiers abroad. Vincent, being in Afghanistan at the time, liked the post and Cassi knew that was her cue to make the first move (He is going to maintain it was he who had). After months talking to one another, they decided to meet. In just those seven days together, and 10,000 miles apart there after, they knew they had to be with each other. Shorty after returning to work in Afghanistan, Vincent called and said he was coming home! Flying to his hometown in California, he gathered his things and drove three days straight to be with her in Maryland.

After almost a year together, Vincent surprised Cassi and followed her (literally) through Ireland, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. This fell to Vincent's benefit, as Cassi could not see him pulling out the ring at Downhill Beach, Ireland. Shivering from shear joy (as well as the rain and cold wind), Cassi said yes!